sleeping pills

we live in the universe
next to the heaven for small black things
when the insects get out
we call them angels
i let them crawl on my skin & i’m almost god

we sit on the beach
& watch the night machinery pick up the dying stars
you say to me
‘you’re my dream girl, except your body
isn’t in the same graveyard as mine’
but dirt’s the same
wherever you go

now the tiny animals you work for don’t know
about the wasps nest you keep under your desk
that you never know exactly how you feel
still you’re sadder than you seem

park your car up
in the parking lot forests where the
fires burn until they get lonely
& fuck me until we’re made of things you forget in dreams
when the lights come on
i wait for you to say ‘your body just isn’t enough for me to
forget i’m real’

the dawn’s as painful on us as it is on the sun
it flickers and sighs
one day it’ll fall like a flare to the ground
& show that nothing was ever still

you’re a florescent light in a convenience store
shining phosphorescent every morning against the sky
not quite sure when the stars will die
but like the stars
we gently begin
& like the stars
we drown from within