honeycombs grow out of the ground
as sweet & as doomed as skyscrapers

she runs through the field
with a belly full of water &
a hole in her chest like a vacancy at a motel 6

clouds float like trash against a torn open rabbit sky
the neon light on the motel sign flashes:
you look like you're going to heaven and you don't want to go

orbiting satellites collide with the moon &
he whispers "play with me or leave me alone"
they pass by dragging broken arms across
the ground looking for things to bruise

her legs spindle out & snap in bright colours
at the motel they watch it as if it were fireworks
(love is only about watching something break)

the soil fumbles with her dress
while diseased bees cluster tightly around her
she flirts with pain in a pretty garden
& smiles remembering the night when he said
"you know the closest we'll ever get
is when we're both in the ground"