story mood boards kind of


ebony, madelynn, james, tyne
strangewood, dying factory, abandoned illness
Ingmar Bergman
what numbers? 2,, 17, 4,
slug, horse, fawn, tapir, lamb, snake (daisy hatch snake), polar bear
aubergine, pomegranate
look tired in furniture shops
flowers left on the sidewalk
ziplock terrarium
spring to winter
bath of fish
stray dogs stalked by stray homes/houses
parking lot of the feed store

"there's a body in the alley i didn't even touch it a lot, barely at all, i mean, i was mostly making sure she was dead you know, like all the parts of her"
"it makes me happy that you're gonna die"
ikea built behind the wetlands
cat washes itself rough cat tongue/rabbit tongue
"should have listened to my mother"
pink sofa? what does the front room look like
sydney but with fog that confuses birds?
i have to go
birds infused withhh
eyes dilate
bug collection - legs of a dead spider
"i like you"
conflict?? lol

The kittens are born in dense vegetation or sheltered locations such as abandoned aardvark burrows. If such an ideal location is not available, a place beneath a shrub may be sufficient. The kittens weigh around 250 g (8.8 oz) at birth, and are initially blind and helpless, with a coat of greyish woolly hair. They open their eyes at 9 to 13 days of age, and begin to take solid food after around a month. At around six months, they acquire their permanent canine teeth and begin to hunt for themselves; they leave their mother at about 12 months of age. They may reach sexual maturity from 12 to 25 months of age.[5]

is it just me or is it incredibly adorable when smaller spiral galaxies tug at bigger ones as they absorb some of the matter, it’s like a bb and the mom except it breastfeeds stars and dust instead of milk
The Tree of Life // dir. Terrence Malick
 white footed serval

his name is james perilloux (perilloux nickname meaning danger in french) he is 25 years old. he is french but was raised in australia. he has short black hair with glass like blue eyes and is 6 feet 2 inches.  he is jealous but vulnerable likes to fight and never sleep. he has a cat named cake that his mother found as a stray and has many different birds in the house, chickens and guinea fowl outside maybe? he tries to write but is unsuccessful works at a garden centre? something w/ gardening or maybe supermarket constantly tries to learn how to play an instrument but abandons any project that isn't w/ plants. in lives in australia in a small run down cottage with broken windows and faded pink outer walls vines grow round the house and it is impossible to get out the back door although he spends most of his time in the back garden.  he eats sparingly often forgets eats fruits and vegetables that grow in his garden. he doesn't like to meet peoples eye when he is talking to them, sits alone on the roof and never discusses problems only with himself or the birds/cat. his are parents dead?

her name is madelynn bloom (alm? - ornamental form of elm asper?) she is 21 years old. she is norwegian perhaps? lives in australia also. she has blonde hair that she dyes with blueberries and raspberries, browneye/blue eye and is 5 feet 6 inches (maybe short idk yet). she is gentle but dark. has no pets. she is a student biology maybe or english lit horticulture maybe. she lives in dorm rooms with a roommate (maybe a sarah idk, blonde, sweet smart) she falls in love with everyone she speaks to or sees. she looks at herself in the reflection on public transport. she wanders the aisle at the supermarket at night touch the items of the shelf. she perhaps has a mental illness.