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if you think about anything for long enough it loses all meaning, i don't have that problem i don't think anymore like knowing that you are real and that you exist but not really understanding or believing in that
i dug myself up from out of my grave, i don't like that word "dug" couldn't find any of my organs, my chest open, bugs crawling flies completing life cycles in the place where my heart used to beat, where my lungs used to breathe . . . crawled along road side entrails dragging behind me. .. the pheasants began to follow me, what's it like to be born to only be killed? i get no reply i realise that i have no tongue. im in full decay and id cry if i had eyes
black ambulance will be here soon give me plastic flowers build my body back up with metal pieces . , the pheasants still follow me their feathers now grey

hey you know what would be funny, make a rape joke in front of a rape victim she'll love it